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Get a VENDA Drink Vending Machine

Venda is the premier provider of drink vending machines and we are based out of Melbourne, Australia. Long gone are the days of simple vending machines that operate on coins. This industry has come very far in a short period of time, which means it’s easier than ever to put a non-traditional vending machine in your business or commercial workplace.

The machines are capable of being fully customized to meet your needs and they offer multiple payment options, smart stock monitoring, and cold drinks vending machines can offer a wide variety of choices for your customers. It doesn’t cost anything to install and you’ll never pay rental fees or service costs while under the Venda umbrella.

Vending machine hire is a simple process when it comes to placing drink vending machines in your business or commercial space. Plus, these sophisticated machines make it possible to supply your customers with a wide variety of choices.

You can add your favourite soft drinks to the vending machine or go with healthier options by offering tasty fruit drinks, water, and sparkling water. Or you can mix it up and add a little bit of everything to make everyone happy. The sky’s the limit as far as your options are concerned. Remember, you’ll never pay anything upfront, and your vending machine can be custom-tailored to fit your wants and needs.


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