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Hire a VENDA Vending Machine

Modern technology has transformed the vending machine industry. It’s now easier than ever for customers to get their hands on a quick and tasty snack. As far as vending machine hire is concerned, it’s easier than ever to gain access to a non-traditional energy-efficient vending machine for your commercial workspace.


These machines come equipped with the latest bells and whistles, including intelligent stock monitoring, multiple payment options, and endless snack choices. Even better, if you’re new to vending machine hire Melbourne, it’s my pleasure to tell you that you can stock everyday essentials while paying zero installation fees, service costs, or rental fees and still earn more revenue from sales than you may have imagined possible.

Vending machine hire is a service that helps businesses and commercial property owners gain access to vending machines to provide beverages, snacks, and a wide range of other products to their employees or customers. You can add coffee, everyday snacks, and healthy food to the vending machine.


Many machines often contain chips, drinks, confectioneries, and meals. The best part about working with VendaTreat is that you choose the perfect location and add your favourite products to the vending machine, and the vending machine is custom-tailored to meet your needs. Plus, you aren’t required to pay anything upfront to obtain your vending machine service, which is a blessing for many who are just starting out.


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Many people worry about the costs related to obtaining a vending machine from Venda. There’s no reason to worry because there is no cost whatsoever to getting a vending service. Simply fill out the questionnaire and submit it via email. Someone will call you after we’ve thoroughly reviewed your application.

From the time a service called is placed via telephone, email, or the website, we typically get back to you within three hours of the service call being placed.

Refunds are given without any fuss. We refund cash or can set the machines to take coupons.

When a customer loses money, you simply issue them a coupon, which will allow the machines to dispense a product for free.