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From the time a service called is placed via telephone, email, or the website, we typically get back to you within three hours of the service call being placed.

Refunds are given without any fuss.

We refund cash or can set the machines to take coupons.

When a customer loses money, you simply issue them a coupon,
which will allow the machines to dispense a product for free

There is absolutely no cost for obtaining your vending service at all.

Fill out the questionnaire in full and submit it via email or call us.

We will discuss this with you over the phone or come in and meet with you briefly.

We will confirm the equipment being supplied and give you an installation date.

We use a professional, insured and bonded company to move machines for us.

Your account will be added to a scheduled route.

This means that your vending machines will be serviced at least once a week and if necessary, two or three times a week. It all depends on how busy the machines are.

A service includes stocking the machines, prevent maintenance to the machine, and cleaning the vending area including the machine.

Absolutely. A full product list can be emailed out upon request.

As a general rule, we find contracts to be unnecessary. We need to deliver what was promised and meet your needs. In the event we failed to keep a promise, you can give us 30 days notice to remove the machines. Contract only become necessary with specialised equipment. or large volume of equipment being ordered.