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Exploring the Possibilities of Modern Vending Solutions

Modern Vending Solutions

Vending machines have evolved significantly in recent years thanks to modern technology. They now offer increased energy efficiency, smart stock monitoring, various payment options, and the ability to stock a wide range of products.

Today, vending machines are more than just a convenience for those who forgot to pack lunch. They can also provide healthier options and non-food essential items for ultimate convenience. The possibilities for interesting merchandise to vend are endless, from clothing and toys to cosmetics and face masks.

Have you considered how a vending solution for essential items can benefit your business? VendaTreat can offer a tailored service to suit any industry or business. Let’s explore how non-traditional vending can support a variety of industries:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Vending

Do you run a construction business that requires the use of safety equipment? Keep your employees and contractors safe on your worksite and reduce spending with a vending solution. A customised vending machine can streamline how you store and manage your PPE items, providing your workers with effortless, anytime access to safety equipment as required, such as high visibility vests, dust masks, goggles, earplugs, and gloves.

Amenities Vending

Enhance employee, tenant, and patron satisfaction using our amenities vending solution. This convenient option from VendaTreat is ideal for office buildings, accommodation providers, hospitals, airports, and education facilities, you can stock a selection of handy everyday accessories to provide an extra level of convenience, such as cleaning wipes and tissues, deodorant, hand sanitisers, towels, and portable locks.

VendaTreat’s range of premium, sleek, and elegant machines are purpose-built to support your business and can be tailored for any environment. We take care of everything, including remote smart monitoring, to ensure your machine is always stocked. You can start with zero installation fees, rental, and service costs. You receive revenue from the sales with no outlay while being able to focus on running your business.

Get in touch today to see how we can customise a vending solution for your business or facility!